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re: You are very welcome and thank you for commenting! I think it's all rather subjective. Actual knowledge aside, if you're a modest person, you'll p...

I think nuSei meant that, you might not know where is the boundaries of a specific technology thus we all agree to say displaying a percentage is pointless, but you can rate the difference of skills between several technologies. For example in my case, it will be 100% in PHP, because that is the technology I master the most. Then, I would say 70% Laravel, 60% Vuejs, 40% CSS and so on. Maybe if you take this from this point of view, bar chart make more sense, because those percentage represent how much you feel comfortable relative to the skill you master the most I guess.

Maybe, but it still doesn't make sense to use percentages because they are relative units. You say you know 100% of PHP, but are you really sure? Everytime you learn something new, you gain new experience and that adds up to your knowledge of PHP. Do you then know 105% of PHP or other percentages become smaller?

Maybe you can graphically show the relation between experiences with different technologies, but I wouldn't include any numbers, especially percentages.

I think the best way is just to let your projects speak for you. I can write in my resume I have 20 years of experience with some tech stack, but:

  1. That doesn't necessarily makes me any good at it and
  2. I can simply lie or fake it.

This is turning more and more into philosophical debate with every new comment :)

I also noticed this phenomenon in night with friends, it always either turn into a philosophy or political debate 😂 great article by the way 😉 I agree, one cannot say he knows 100%,I think it is more like my best skill is X so I will consider others skills compared to this in my pov.

Thank you. I’m about to have one of those nights 😂

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