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Discussion on: Browser recommendation, or Why you should move to Vivaldi

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Khalyomede • Edited

I think if Vivaldi is figuring out syncing, I might give it a try. Syncing for me is very important because I like to retrieve my history on my personal computer (sometimes I will take a break and will find some good stuff on Dribble so I can bookmark them and work on my personal project at home).

For me, at the moment Chrome is my go to browser because it has so much great tools for my daily job (web developper).

  • Lighthouse: I use it a lot, it saves me some precious time fixing easy SEO and performance issues.
  • Code inspector: Also very important for me, their feature of highlighting the visual part of the page as I hover over the CSS properties panel is so much useful, a real time savior.
  • Application panel: To be able to turn on/off my service workers, check what is in my local storage,... Very important also because I use more and more of these tools on my newest web project.
  • Device simulator: Great with their pre-configured real devices (iPad, Samsung S5, ...). They really know what is a good developer experience.
  • Feature support: Chrome just ships new APIs, features, faster than the others. I mean for the ones that matter for me (Firefox still not support <meta name="theme_color" />!), Webp support (Firefox did not until this 2019 January, ...).

Actually, I think my job would be worse without Chrome so personally and for my job, it is part of my dev toolbelt right now. But honestly Vivaldi my might be cool because one thing Chrome did not manage very well is memory consumption when a lot of tabs are open.

Thank you for sharing!

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Cécile Lebleu Author

Syncing is fully integrated (I just forgot to mention it). You create an account and decide what you want to sync, and of course, it's encrypted, with your login credentials or with a separate password.

As Vivaldi runs on Chromium, pretty much all the tools available on Chrome are also available in Vivaldi, including all the extensions.

  • I didn't know about Lighthouse, but I just checked, and using DevTools > Audits, I find that it is available. I don't know if it works exactly the same as I have never used it, but Lighthouse is there

  • Code inspector: It's built in into the DevTools. You can also toggle "Highlight Hover" from the bottom toolbar (from the screenshot in the original post) and get an edge with shadow over any element you're hovering on.

  • Application panel: Again, haven't used it, but it seems to be there as well in the DevTools.

  • Device simulator: You got it! It's included too out of the box.

  • Feature support: I'm not sure how this works exactly. I would say it's available at the same time, because Chromium, but I can't say for sure. I'm not usually up to date with the latest features, so I couldn't say.

I used Chrome for years before moving I had the urge to try out other browsers. I moved to Firefox for a year, then Opera for another, and now Vivaldi. I don't think I'll be moving anytime soon, it's just got the best of all worlds :)

Thanks for commenting!

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