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Great article, I discovered HyperTalk thanks to you, and I think this is where the web development, but also programing in a general manner, should go.

Did you published a version of your HyperTalk emulator? I would be glad to try it!



Thanks for your encouraging comments. Sometimes it gets a bit lonely doing things differently to everyone else.

I'd be reluctant to call EasyCoder a HyperTalk emulator - far from me to put myself in the same league as Bill Atkinson. What I've done is apply some of the same principles.

EasyCoder is not a stand-alone product; it's a plugin for WordPress, so to use it you'll need to set up a website. My next articles will explain how to do this.

There's a lot of information on the EasyCoder website and all the code is on GitHub. I'm quite happy to answer as many questions as you'd like to ask; my preferred eventual means of communication is Slack as it lets any number of people join in.

BTW, if you really want a stand-alone HyperTalk emulator (as opposed to a web solution) there are products like Revolution and LiveCode that were also inspired by the same great forerunner.

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