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re: The reason the <picture> syntax is structured that way is to enable progressive enhancement. If a browser does not understand how to handle &...

Gonna double check for caniuse filters, I tell you that right after I checked.

I did not know the browser will fallback to the img tag if the picture tag is not supported. Thank you so much for sharing.

I guess I will still mention the picture tag coverage to be clearer :)

Ah, I meant the coverage percentage for picture, which caniuse puts at 87% and I thought the comment above said 81%.

I think if you mention the picture tag coverage, it is best to also include that it will fall back to the img tag (basically treating picture like a generic div). It is a common misconception that I see about using features, that we might avoid using them if they are not supported everywhere. In reality, they are often designed to progressively offer a better experience where supported, and picture is there in all evergreen browsers.

Mat Marquis, one of the people who worked on the spec back when it was established, goes over some of the history and progressive-enhancement decisions. The best I remember is in the ebook Image Performance, from A Book Apart. I'll see if I can find some other reference, it's a great read :)

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