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I love the idea, and I think with the EcmaScript idea we could use a meta language. See all the new coming stuff like typed properties from PHP 7.4? What if we could use them now, and downgrade gracefully to PHP versions that do not support it by targeting a version like Typescript or Babel does for Javascript?


You might be interested in preprocess.io (@assertchris work, not mine :) )


This is truly a gem! Thousands thank you!!! @Juha-Matti, if you plan on making an ES for PHP with this library, I am in too 😉


Oh wow, that's really nice and seems to be quite in line with my thinking. A layer of new syntax on top of old functionality.

Could not help myself but start a research project. github.com/khalyomede/php-next. You will be able to transpile modern PHP code into valid PHP using build tools like Gulp.

This is so cool Khalyomede! I'll have to take a look and see if I could contribute also.

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