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From my experience I can say:

architectural insights
I really found a gap between popular algorithms/patterns we learned and their real usage: the reality on the field. It takes some failures to know which is good, which is overkill. Works also for the frameworks you battle-tested and you know they will do the job for this task/project. Also, I learned a few about PHP and NodeJS, but I was still lost on the existential question: which one to choose for web app. Chances are that you can only answer from experience and skill. Same with RDBS vs NoSQL... Untill you tryied it, it will almost always seems fuzzy and you will choose by default instead of by being aware of pros/cons.


Regarding the PHP or nodeJS question: Depends on the ...

P > N Robustness
P < N Rapid Prototyping
P > N If you need reliable object relation models
P < N If you’re more the front end react angular ui developer

It’s you having to decide on a uncountable amount of parameters 🤭

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