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Did you used a bundle system for your assets? I ask because I saw your CSS assets could be improved by 12% by trimming useless styles (since you talked about optimizations, which is for me the most exciting part of a website). I checked this number using Chrome WebTools Code Coverage. I recently used NPM purify-css, which works like a charm for removing useless CSS rules. Just droping it here :)


Yes, I'm using grunt and grunt-contrib-less to generate my CSS and minify it. Maybe it's not the best compression but GTmetrix tells me my CSS can only be minified one more percent.

I gave purifycss a try:

  • File size of assets/css/styles.min.css before: 7914 bytes
  • File size of assets/css/styles.min.css after: 7289 bytes

That's a good change. 🙂 Thank you for the hint!

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