Discussion on: Tips for Finding Your First Dev Job

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Khalil Saboor

But what if I can't afford to be six to eight months without income? Most internship in my area are unpaid or require me to be either a recent graduate or college degree.

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Molly Struve (she/her) Author

Great question! My internship was paid, while it wasn't a huge salary it was definitely enough to live off of for 6 months. I think when you are looking for an internship with option to hire you are more likely to find something paid rather than if you were a student just looking for something for the summer. The idea that you might end up there full time will likely make a company actually want to invest in you.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

I heard of another option is to go for full time. Since full time jobs had probations and you get out of the place without much burden if you think it is a bad place to work for.