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Discussion on: My basic Neovim setup

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Great post, so simple and helped a lot! thank you!

I'd like to add a tip regarding nerd fonts for the complete linux beginners like me.

If you have GNOME then probably you are using gnome-terminal like me and it didn't find the fonts after installing them.

One work-around is to install gnome-tweaks
sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Then run it with the same name gnome-tweaks, and go to the fonts tab, then set the "system mono" (or something like that :D ) to the nerd font you downloaded

Now in the gnome-terminal preferences, uncheck the "custom font" box.

And after a day of struggling, it works :D
Well at least for me on Pop!_os 21.10

Hope this helps :D

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Elves Sousa Author

Thanks a lot, Khaled!

If Gnome shipped with Tweaks already installed, stuff would be much easier for beginners. I don't know the reason behind it... Maybe they don't want you tweaking stuff by default...

Anyway... Enjoy your setup!