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Discussion on: Our experience: Monorepo with Java, Maven and GitHub Actions, including basic example

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Kenneth Gunnerud Author

Added sample with GitLab support :) this is a bit psudo as I haven't tested it, but its taken from a working project.

Not sure what you wanted with Docker sample so I did nothing specific for this. At the current place I am, we use Google Jib to build the Docker images that gets deployed to Kubernetes. This is because we run GitLab runners in Kubernetes with Docker In Docker disabled (Dind).

To get Jib up and running, we just add the maven plugin, disable it by default (so jib does not build for e.g. libs, docs, etc) and enable it for apps and some jib props in a maven-incl-jib gitlab job that we extend within each app (app/*/gitlab.yml).

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Siva Thangeswaran

Thanks Kenneth, this is useful. And good to know about Jib, will try to explore.