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Discussion on: What's your opinion on Microsoft's GitHub Acquisition?

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Kevin Isom

This is terrible news. MS builds toxic communities, as a long time .Net dev it was horrible, one of the many reasons I refuse to do .Net work now. They also don't know how to build open source projects. They go hey, here is this thing we built, designed and got ready to release but are only now showing the code for it. That's not open source. That's we built it, you can see the code and help us fix bugs.

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Sung M. Kim Author

Thanks Kevin for the point of view I haven't considered.

I can see that Open Source doesn't really mean just sharing the source code (showing what one did) but also develop with a community.

Let's hope that MS can contribute more to the Open Source community with GitHub acquisition.

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Christopher McClellan

What Kevin is describing is exactly how Google develops Android. AOSP does not welcome community contributions. Microsoft has been extremely open about Roslyn & .Net Core.