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Hi, guys!

I'm here because I want to get into software development and I heard this site is a good way to document the progress of my projects. I'm a BS Biology graduate in the middle of a MS Comp Sci major. I have not found software development internships yet, but I'm actively looking. I'm currently trying to master Java since it's my favorite language. I love anime and EDM!

My favorite project is probably a chess game I was working on in high school! There's so much thinking involved in making a chess game. I already had all my pieces' behaviors done, but I was stumped on how to make a check and checkmate work. I don't have the program saved anywhere anymore, but that was my favorite project. Currently, I'm working on a calculator GUI program.

If you have any advice for an aspiring software developer, please let me know! All advice is welcome! Thank you!

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