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Discussion on: You'd be better at CSS if you knew how it worked

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Kevin Powell Author

Fixed the CodePen, thanks! Also, while I did use this to link off to some of my other stuff (glad you're enjoying my videos!), I do think it's an important kick in the pants for some people who complain that CSS isn't intuitive, or who struggle with it for whatever reason (and this is both for new people, and people coming from JS or other languages).

That said, I don't want to come off as too sale-sy either, so I'll try to include more info in future stuff!

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Victor Janin

Same could be said for JS or any "programming" language, as long as you don't really study the language / syntax, you will struggle with it in the future

I am big on HTML5 and CSS3 and I am just now moving from jQuery to Javascript and realised how much I don't know the basics about all of that works