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Hello! sometimes i don't feel confortable with my project structure too, but lately with this one, i think it is good fit for my and the project. This is inspired in Angular 2, keeping 2 kinds of components, some working as containers and others as child components, notice that "containers" are components too, in fact, but of a kind of higher order/privilege in the jerarqy that keeps control over it's childs.

Also i use to separate concerns with files for data, logic and presentational files, using .json, .js and .css/scss files trying to keep it clean and pure of it's own kind in a container component, mostly of the time. I am still working on it.

my project structure


Hi, first I had this structure

++++ Signin
++++++ index.jsx
++++++ index.module.css
++++ SigninForm
++++ Signin

The problem with this structure is that there are a lot of folders and they are in different places of the project.

++ Signin
++++ components
++++++ SigninForm
++++++++ index.jsx
++++++++ index.module.css
++++ container
++++++ index.jsx
++++++ index.module.css
++++ reducer.js
++++ actions.js

At the moment I have done so.
But I also think how it can be done better.

Code project github.com/minority/node-react-mon...

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