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Discussion on: Add a Scene Delegate to your current project

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Maarek Author

Does your storyboard has an initial view controller set (with an arrow on the left) ?

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DKWeb • Edited

Hi Maarek,

Yes I have activated an initial view controller. Do not understand why the screen stays black. As soon as I remove the manifest, the app goes back. Do you have any idea?

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I Hi Maarek,

I am now a little closer to the goal. I had to paste this code into the scene delegate:

         guard let winScene = (scene as? UIWindowScene) else {return}

         // Create the root view controller as needed
         let vc = ViewController ()
         let nc = UINavigationController (rootViewController: vc)

         // Create the window. Be sure to use this initializer and not the frame one.
         let win = UIWindow (windowScene: winScene)
         win.rootViewController = nc
         win.makeKeyAndVisible ()
         window = win

Now the ViewController is displayed, but everything is crashed. TableView (found nil), present other view controller by button crash. What is going on here?

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Jack Klink

Hey! Have you had any resolution to this? I am also experiencing this issue of a black screen while using a Main storyboard.

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Bhagat Singh • Edited

Hi. I guess I figured it out. The

<key> Storyboard Name </key>

is wrong. It should be

<key> UISceneStoryboardFile </key>

. It made it work for me.

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Leandro de Sousa

It does not work for me! somebody help me, please.