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Discussion on: Resume Review

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Wonderfull Idea!
Please check my resume.
I'd love and welcome any observations 😇

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Philip Hallstrom
  • I would remove the emoji/icons. Just me, but I don't feel like they add anything of value.

  • I find it odd that the section headers are indented, but the content within isn't. Feels like it should be the opposite of that? And I would consider indenting the bullet points for each of the job positions.

  • I love the list of specific skills used in each job, but I think they are too heavy with the bold-black-on-gray. Would be interesting to play with that a bit. Perhaps move it up below the job start/end dates and put in a similar smaller font.

  • Skills... consider having the section headers match the formatting of the job headers. This is also true for the following sections. You've got 4 different styles of bullet points. Consolidate all of them into one and keep the formatting/indentation/style the same. This will me as a reviewer focus on the content and not wonder why the arrow type changed (thus distracting me).