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Discussion on: 5 Reasons to Use Ubuntu Instead of Windows

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Kevin Wimberly

No, windows is not "much slower". That is an ignorant statement to make and subjective. It is FASTER on old ass hardware because of the nature of how it works and how much it cannot do with a lite distro. An average user that has a clue about malware isn't going to have security issues, just as Linux isn't, and that is the out of the box experience with Vanilla WIndows these days. If you tweak Linux in ways to allow you to use apps that you want that just aren't readiliy available for Linux or the distro you selected, you CAN screw your security or brick the computer; however Wnndows, it just mostly works without opening yourself up to bricking your OS. You can install software on both that open you up to security issues, that is not exclusive to Windows as you make it appear. You can control a ton if useful things in Windows, which is why i commented your article topics are generic, vague, and talking about Windows from like pre 2015. You act like Windows isn't winning the market because it sucks, and it very clearly is the better with hardware when using it for all purposes. Linux is getting good. No argument there. It is fast if you have all the right things set up and the right distro set up to work with the hardware. But your article gives no real documentation or relevant facts to support your subjectivity, and I felt commenting as such might help you to make an article that sites facts, gives reference and specificity. If you could care less for the critique, so be it.