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re: Positioning a text over an Image using CSS / HTML
position absolute is not the best way :\
re: test
great post :D, can't wait for the next!
re: My favorite CSS hack
good tip, but never can replace the classic: *{outline: 1px...
re: PHP... yay or nay?
Why this code is bad?
re: Buiding Chat App with React Native and
Hello, its a great post, can you upload to your github repo...
re: Firefox developer tools can do that?
Pretty cool and useful, but i miss the '$' selector like go...
re: Why PHP...???
I will started to use it, thnx dudes :)
re: React Native Before Javascript and React Js
First of all you should learn Js vanilla, then you can star...
re: Getting DOM Elements using JavaScript
Another way: const inputs = [...document.getElementById('s...
re: If you could rename JavaScript to be more self descriptive...
WTFScript... "why it is doing this"
re: SQL 201: All about SQL JOINs
this works like an inner join right? select,, ...
re: No, you're not stupid!
if you are "stupid" just work during 18H all days, just cod...
re: 7 Ways to Clear Your Head When Facing a Programming Problem
"if you have a problem, just leave it" this what i learnd i...
re: What is your favourite Git command?
git push origin master --force :)
re: Help with code JAVA
Stackoverflow? x)
re: 4 handy ways to create an element with properties in Javascript
The classic 2: const classicTwo = document.createElement('d...
re: The Button
<ul> <li><button>link 1</b...
re: I need to learn Linux
thanks man! :D
re: I need to learn Linux
I tried on my VM, then I want to install in my PC
re: I need to learn Linux
Thank you so mutch! :D
re: I need to learn Linux
:O Thanks!
re: Why won't my PHP create a file?
Thats my idea: -Get the valuesof input -If the values !empt...
re: How do you manage your usernames and passwords?
i use a piece of paper on my screen :)
re: My struggles designing a personal website
Hi, im noob web designer too, i check your web and i'll try...
re: Roast my site
the product cards should have a margin top and bottom in mo...
re: Coding Best Practices, Chapter One: Functions.
Tabs or spaces? :)
re: Roast my site
check your console, it has an infinite error messages of "V...