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Discussion on: My struggles designing a personal website

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Kevin • Edited

Hi, im noob web designer too, i check your web and i'll try to don't be so rude.
Don't try to use the same palette of colors (dark, dark blue) your web needs a little of contrast.
You should read about this:
-Your header / nav don't need your social links, it should be in footer.
-Your header has a margin in all directions, this is not good, because your footer doesn't have, it should be the same design (i mean about the size)
-The background img about your header is a good idea
-Your main design its good, but maybe its a little dark, and the img it's to mutch big in mobile design
-Your should delete the list-style from your lists, and your social media shoud be in this section, and your skills should be in "About me" section
-Don't use "align-center" in lists.

DESIGN (tips):
-You should read about the "mobile first" design, it's mutch better for sure
-You should use "rem" or "em" or "px" size instead "vh" or "vw"
-You should read about modern design patters or new features about css3 (flex and grid)
-Web pages that have helped me:

(Sorry for my english)