Discussion on: On GUI-shaming and a mountain of hot takes

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People who decide to dog on others for using a GUI (or whatever) continually confuse me. It seems to me that they are assuming they know what a person is trying to accomplish and what the person needs to get it done. A person isn't losing out on anything by using the GUI version of an app if it provides what they need, right? It seems really to be a case of some people equating their way with the right way. That doesn't strike me personally as a very rational worldview -- that may be why you see discussions on this subject deteriorate so quickly into useless name calling and tweet wars, etc.

I suppose you can analyze it all day long but it seems to me if we could all try and worry about our own stuff, what works for us, and mind our own business it would go a long way towards offering us all a bit more piece of mind. And in the event someone else's choice has caused an actual problem, well, coming at them with shaming and insults is not the way to fix it. But it can sure cause you all kinds of new problems.