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Make a Responsive Contact us page template using HTML and CSS

In this article, we will discover how to make a responsive contact page design in HTML and CSS and look at some of the other responsive contact us page design that you can try for free.

The contact us page is one of the most important pages on your website. Because it provides a convenient location for visitors to locate all of your contact information, your 'Contact Us' page is critical for converting website visitors into customers. After all, what good is it if someone is really interested in your goods and services but is unable to contact you?

Aside from potential consumers, your Contact Us page allows investors and advertising to contact you, and we all know how critical both of these entities are to a company's success.

As we know that the main motive of making a contact page is to provide your website visitors a way to contact you. It can be done by creating a contact form or by simply creating a static page that shows your contact details and address.

With basic knowledge of HTML, you can make a contact us page design. You can create a form with some input fields like name, email, message, tel, etc. after that you write some back-end logic in any server-side programming language to get those inputs and send them to the respective address.

Another way is by simply creating an HTML page that holds the information about your organization like, telephone, email, address, etc.

There are many contacts us page designs available throughout the internet but most of them are made with bootstrap and some are paid. This contacts us page design is free to download and use. You can see the HTML code for this contact us page design below. If you wish you can download this design from this link. 

I recommend you to watch this video along with the code below. It will help you to understand the code better.

Following is the HTML code with CSS to make a contact us page design on your own,

Code for contact landing page

Code for contact form

For more such website components you can visit this link

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