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Easy and unified way to connect to AWS EC2 and ECS 🚀☁️

Connect easily to EC2 and ECS using the same tool using an interactive CLI

EC2 example

If you normally wants to access an AWS EC2 instance you probably will access to using SSH or better, using SSM. The problem is that the AWS CLI is not much user friendly as it requires you to indicate the instance ID in order to connect using SSM, and even worse in ECS where you need to indicate the task id, container name, etc.

This tool works on top of AWS CLI and AWS SSM plugin to just make the life easier when connecting to any compute instance.


  • Installation:

Easy download using BREW. Check it on the github page and leave a ⭐ if you like it!

  • Usage:

Congo is really easy to use just run "ec2" or "ecs" and the cli will continue guiding you interactively from there:

congo ec2 [--id]
congo ecs
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ECS example

ECS example

Give it a try!

Thanks for reading and I'm open to any suggestion!

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