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Discussion on: Do students get to work with existing codebases?

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Chak Shun Yu • Edited on

Last year in my Master's (Netherlands) I had the chance to follow a course called Software Architecture, in which the objective was to take an existing Open Source project as a group, analyze its architecture (and different aspects to it), and write a report on it. What was awesome though was that we were very encouraged to use the knowledge we obtained from analyzing the project to make contributions towards the project. There was also a dedicated slack channel for sharing statuses on all the PRs of all the groups, and the lecturers would highlight the merged ones during lectures and on Twitter. Was a really great way of getting to learn about the Open Source project and the community.

For those interested, all the reports of all the projects were gathered at the end and published as an ebook. The link of my year is here. Not gonna mention my particular project to avoid self-promoting, but it's definitely web dev related 😉.

Edit: In the time of the course my group and I made an amount of code based PRs to our chosen project, most of which were merged.