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Discussion on: What's the Worst Code You've Ever Seen or Written?

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I've seen a db where passwords were encoded but the password tries were logged and linked with the user. It was pretty easy figuring out their passwords.

I've also worked on a site where programmers for the pas 10 years never bothered to change previous CSS and just added their modifications on top of the rest. You could see the previous refractors load one on top of the other. They also had a different version of jquery for various sections of the site, depending on who did it. I had to change various functionalities but I had to code them in different versions of the same library. The site was an absolute beast and I could only add stuff, not refactor (boss said so). It was horrible but I learned a lot since it was my first job out of school.

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Jeremy Grifski Author

Yeah, I actually enjoy bad experiences like these because they teach you what not to do. You'll never have to say "hmmm, I wonder why it's good practice to do X."