Discussion on: How do you rate your (a programming language) skill on a scale of 1 to 10?

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Kushan Joshi

You don’t need to be a 10 point JavaScript to write a framework, similar to how having IQ 130 doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become a billionaire. In short writing a successful framework doesn’t correlate with being a Javascript ninja.

I have read studies which talk about how much humans overestimate their skills. In my opinion it is safe to self evaluate and then subtract 1 to sound modest. The interviewer wants to basically know how much do you know that you don’t know, so make sure to back your score with explanation on what you need to score higher. You can even throw it back to them and ask how would your company make me reach an 8 or 9?

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Rattanak Chea Author

Thanks for sharing your insightful observations. Just like most skills, practice and keep practicing will sharpen the skillset to the point of being able to design and implement a large complex system. Being open about what we don't know or need to learn is what many people are afraid to admit. But it can be seen as a strength as well.