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Discussion on: Course Review: Kent C. Dodd's Epic React

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Kent C. Dodds • Edited on

Just discovered this review! Thank you for taking the time to write it Michael 😊

What did you think of the last half of the "Build an Epic React Application" workshop? I hope that helped address your "nitpick" of components needing async data (specifically the bit on react-query). Even though we build that "useAsync" throughout the "React Hooks" and "Advanced React Hooks" workshops, I wouldn't bother writing my own logic for server cache management because we have react-query to do all that for us.

Oh, and if you like the "Testing Node.js Apps" module of I have good news for you. I'm going to be updating to make all modules follow that same format (which you can probably tell is very much how is set up). So look forward to that :)

Again, thank you for the kind words! I'm so pleased you were so happy with it.

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Michael Caveney Author

Thanks for chiming in Kent! Yeah, the async section did clarify that, and I've updated the post to mention that. Part of the problem was that I was neck-deep in an application using Apollo at the time, and I had somewhat overloooked the (very established) pattern they use for 'render-as-you-fetch' in that scenario, and needed to see how that works in other data-fetching paradigms.