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Ken Eucker


I am a full stack web developer who loves universal javascript and single language development stacks! I have been writing node apps for quite a while now and love to create random tools for my own processes and interests.

I came here via a colleague's post and decided to join in on the conversation. This place is refreshing!

I've been working in Portland, Oregon as a polyglot jack of all trades and otherwise completely malleable full stack developer.

Short bio:

Began writing poems at the age of 12 in 1999.
Started writing code two years later in 2001.
Schooled for 8 years between 2002-2010.
Worked at a web development agency in 2010.
Worked at a SAAS application company in 2012.
Freelanced full time and went traveling in 2014.
Dedicated life to Open Source software in 2016.
Worked at a digital media publication in 2018.

Aaaaaaannnnddddd now I'm back to freelancing. It's a wild world of rapid and constant change out there, friends! Let's chat about all the things!