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Remy Muhire Author

Hi @athmakuri ,

You're not specifying your Github username, repository name, and the Docker image name github_username/repo_name/image_name. For example, my Github username is kenessajr and my repository name and docker image are both called react-with-actions, kenessajr/react-with-actions/react-with-actions. What you have to do is editing and specifying correctly your variables.

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Susheel Athmakuri

Hi Remy, Thanks for your response. Here is the actual name that I have, susheelv/arc_recipe/recipecreator for which I am getting the error.

Deploy File

    - name: Publish to Github Packages Registry
      uses: elgohr/Publish-Docker-Github-Action@master
        name: susheelv/ARCRecipes/recipecreator
        registry: docker.pkg.github.com
        username: ${{ secrets.USERNAME_GITHUB }}
        password: ${{ secrets.githubTokenSecret }}
        dockerfile: Dockerfile-prod
        tags: latest


Step 10/10 : CMD ["nginx", "-g", "daemon off;"]
 ---> Running in ec67f6ce496a
Removing intermediate container ec67f6ce496a
 ---> 3c2f28dbd026
Successfully built 3c2f28dbd026
Successfully tagged docker.pkg.github.com/***/arcrecipes/recipecreator:latest
The push refers to repository [docker.pkg.github.com/***/arcrecipes/recipecreator]
91f28809782e: Preparing
3810cc0c140f: Preparing
3e207b409db3: Preparing
name unknown: The expected resource was not found.
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Susheel Athmakuri

Nevermind. I had to use the organization's name instead of my personal username to create a package.