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re: I love JavaScript but I dislike the fact that not support immutability out of the box, also I dislike that it doesn't have a proper standard library

Have you played with Object.freeze()? It makes an object immutable at the top level (though the properties of objects within that object can still be changed)


Hi, yes I know about it, as you mention inner objects can be modified unless that you freeze these objects recursively but anyway I don't think that this can be classified as immutability imposed by the language itself

So imagining that it was recursive, would you want immutability to be the default behavior rather than having to apply it with a method?

I guess he wants const to really mean constant =)

I think a nice way to ensure objects are immutable is to use a closure when constructing them and only return getter methods, like in Douglas Crockford’s constructor example.

Yes can be, immutable by default but at the same time giving the option to developers of make some value mutable, similar at how mut keyword work in Rust, I like that approach, in this way you can work with mutable data but immutability would be the main paradigm in this issue

Makes sense. I’d like that feature in JS.

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