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Discussion on: Do you use a CSS framework based on CSS Grid?

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Ken Bellows Author

Yeah, some of the coolest parts of Grid are the auto-fill behaviors and rules. But there are lots of ways to write a grid system, and you could definitely take advantage of those cool features in such a system. Maybe include rows as part of the class stuff. Maybe instead of a CSS library, implement it as a Sass or Stylus plugin with mixins and functions that take row and column numbers as parameters and generate all the boilerplate grid-column and grid-row stuff, as well as other nice defaults.

One very cool thing about Grid is that it's fundamentally just way more powerful than Flexbox or (shudder) float-based grids, so a framework built on it has a lot more possibilities to work with. Like I said before, I totally agree that using a pre-built system would absolutely limit what Grid can do, at least out of the box, but again, you don't always need everything Grid offers; sometimes all you need is an easy way to quickly toss elements into a basic grid without thinking too hard about it.

But also, I think that Grid gives you that right out of the box anyway, once you spend an hour learning how it functions and playing with the basics, so I don't personally feel like I need a framework, or really want to encourage others to use it!

For evidence of how easy and elegant Grid makes it to toss together a quick page layout, have a tweet:

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Thanks Ken, nice tweet example! Need to get back into grid :)

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