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I've been coding React and was always wondering how the heck I'm supposed to make automated tests on the front-end, thanks for the heads up.

My personal new year resolutions are:

  • Planning and meeting, planning and meeting, planning and meeting, planning and meeting, coding.

  • Understand how I should be making automated tests for both the front-end (react) and backend (Laravel) and how to streamline the process on real-life apps.

  • I always start my apps RESTful with just the REST functions per controller. But then due to constraints of security, complexity and atomicity, I end up with a lot of functions which sometimes end up overlapping or redundant. That needs some retrospective.


Good point with the REST.

I'm watching a YouTube series about RESTful API that so far seems to do a good job with handling redundancy in controllers. It's the 4th video out of 14 so maybe that will change.

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