📄 Cheat sheet - How to promote your open-source project?

Franck Abgrall on September 04, 2019

You've created an open-source project? Great. But what happens when your project is mature enough to be used? You've put a lot of effort building a... [Read Full]
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Thank you!
Plus your README is pretty nice!

I have a question thought...

What if you messed with some of the steps?

<summary>Some Title</summary>

> Some longer description that only appears if you click the title

Should figure in every Markdown overview.


Thanks for you feedback!

All of those steps are not required. But the more you follow them the more you'll get visitors !


I would add that when picking a name, try not to use a common word. For instance whenever I need to look up say the hovercraft presentation toolkit it is annoying to have to add several keywords to the name in the search so as not to see lots of presentations about hovercrafts.


This is great! 🎉

I've found that #2 is the hardest step. How do you promote the project without being spammy?



Yes, some of the steps of the section #2 like "Create a video" or "Present your project at conferences/meetups" implies some work, however they are not required.

Concerning spam, just avoid to publish twice one the same platform, or tweet every minute to do your project promotion ;)

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