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Day 1 of #100DaysOfSwift

Hello! I've made the decision to focus on becoming an iOS developer! To begin this journey, I am going to start by learning the swift language. I found this amazing resource Hacking with Swift created by Paul Hudson. I was scrolling through a discord channel where someone shared one of his videos. To make sure I get through the 100 days I want to document what I've learned for the day.

Day 1:
This was a refresher for me as I wanted to see what swift was all about via codecademy. Two things stood out to me:

  1. Multi-line strings: they can be used to do line breaks in your string or it can be used to make large codes of strings look neat and readable without having actual line breaks. To achieve this you can use a backslash after each line break.

  2. If I have a large number, swift allows me to use underscores to write out the value. Ex. var population = 8_000_000.

Consistency is key for the next 99 days !

Until tomorrow!

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