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Beginners guide to Git and Github : 5 Things you need to know before you start

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Are you a programmer and want to start working with a others,not only with others but want to maintain the history of your code?
You surely need to know about SVN(Sub Version) /Git.
Git is one of the type of SVN that lets you maintain your history or, I can say, versioning of your code/project etc.,
What is SVN / Version control?
The term Version control refers to a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time called the ‘versions’. In other words, these versions will help you in tracking the changes in your codes/project and if necessary, undo those changes as well. This feature of being able to compare, differentiate and revert changes between two versions of a particular project becomes really helpful when working on a larger project. Larger projects mean more people working on the same code which increases the chances of conflicts. Using version control you can easily prevent these conflicts.
This system which controls the versioning of the codes is called a Version Control System (VCS). For a better picture, you can think it as a ‘database’. Within this database, VCS takes snapshots of your entire project and stores them as versions. Now with the help of these snapshots, you can easily compare the versions and switch between them as per the need. One popular example is Subversion (svn). Subversion is centralised: there is a central repository from which users checkout code, and to which they commit changes.
What is GitHub?
Github is not the same as git. Github is a website/platform while git is a tool.
Instagram:Camera :: Github:Git
Git or Camera is just the tool, but instagram or github is the website.
Apart from many other things github allows you to safely store your code in the cloud.
But I can use google drive or dropbox as well? Yes but github is designed specially for this purpose.
Github is not the only one. Other websites such as gitlab, bitbucket which are similar also exist.
Why Github?
To secure your code
To share your code with others. Email is so 1992.
Companies love it when you have a github profile and they can see your work before even calling you for an interview.
What is Git?
Git is a tool/software like your IDE or VLC player. It is not a programming language.
Git is not related to any particular programming language. It is a general tool.
A very standard definition is: Git is a version control system (VCS). But that’s just a Viva definition. We will understand why you should use it.
Companies love it when you have git on your resume.
Uses of Git/GitHub

  1. If you want your old code that was once working well, you can have it
  2. It is distribute version control, which means you can access you code/project even if you don’t have your workstation with you.
  3. Can work in collaborative environment with much ease irrespective of your fellow developers current locations.
  4. You can host your static site also on Git platform such as GitHub.
  5. Developer uses GitHub to distribute their piece of work in a form of plugin, modules etc
  6. Many more etc.... This concludes my blog on Beginners guide to Git and GitHub. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and learned something new.

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Very well explained. Love the Instagram:Camera analogy ❤

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Thank you!

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Matthew Marquise

Very well laid out! Thanks!

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Thank you!

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