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Hi there,

I am a enthusiast of minimalistic websites myself. I know that much work in minimalist web development is the thought process itself and deciding why you choose what. So I think covering these topics is a good idea, when it results in giving inspiration and new information for other people who like this approach.

One feedback about the site itself: Both the "Home" and the "Contact" page have little amount of content (which I like), so that everything fits in the viewport without scrolling when using a mobile device in portrait orientation. If you adjust the font-sizes or the spacing just a little bit, it would be possible to also not having to scroll on a desktop pc or a tablet in landscape orientation.

Is there a reason you deviced to still keep the distances large enough for having to scroll? If not, I would suggest to adjuest that a little bit, so everything fits in the viewport without having to scroll.


Thanks! I’d like to make pages with little content to not use scrollbars. However, there’re so many devices: if I adjust the font-size to make the site not show a scrollbar on my tablet or desktop, maybe other tablets and desktop PCs are forced to show it. Moreover, the idea behind my website is basing the sizes of elements and spaces on the viewport width. That’s the core idea. I love websites that use all the space available, so I basically use a CSS variable that depends on the width of the viewport. This lets me make the appropriate calculations and present the content in the correct way for each device.

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