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I don't think there are any silver bullets, but a few things that seem to help:

  1. Acknowledging that mental ups and downs are a part of being all of us, and normal, and a health issue rather than something we "should fix". This plays out in a few ways for me...

    • Reducing a feeling of self-blame when I'm down, making it "ok" to ask for help (if you wouldn't hesitate to call the doctor's advice line for a physical ailment, why do so for a mental ailment?)
    • giving myself permission to take "mental health days" in the same way I take "sick days" for physical illnesses.
  2. Getting enough sleep. Seriously. When I'm sleep deprived my mental health crashes like woah.

  3. Getting enough light. I noticed in the last year I was feeling down a lot more in the winter... the reason? Since going to work for myself I've been working from my home office where I normally rely on natural light. This has been a net positive, but when we had rainy/dark days it brought me way down... remembering to turn on extra lights on those days was a big help.

And just as an aside - that feeling of berating yourself for not getting a concept, and then it seems so simple after the fact... that's also 100% a part of being human. This stuff is hard. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't struggled with it at some point, anyone saying it isn't hard has probably just forgotten what it was like when they were learning. The struggle is real, and props to you for continuing through it.

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