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/In order to sustain a full-time job and creating projects, I’ve had to remove distractions. For example, I don’t watch TV. I don’t commute. I am currently not in a relationship. These were all active choices./
I was always wondering how some people think like this because I probably have different values. Do your really make you so happy? Because for me, for example, having close relationship is important and, I would say, being happy in relationship boosts my productivity and motivation to work, so I could spend more time working. Is it not like that for you? Why do your project have such high priority that you would even ditch relationship for them?

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It's not that I don't value relationships more than my projects or "success", but I try to be very thoughtful about who I invest my time with.

As I mentioned, I don't expect to my out of a relationship forever, but I will not just enter one to fill the gap or just to "be in one". My last relationship ended for other reasons, not because of my projects. But now that I have found projects that I love working on, I am even more mindful about the tradeoffs.

On another note, I see relationships fitting having the same compounding effects where you really only see a lot of value from relationships that you invest a lot in over time. I definitely value those relationships, but don't see as much value in investing in relationships outside of that.