re: Dev's, how do you convince yourself into working for something that you know is clearly unethical? VIEW POST


People have familes to feed.

No more, no less.



That makes sense until some point of time. How do you justify senior/upper management with fat pockets still into such activities.


Morally, you can't, I don't disagree.

Karma's not going to pay your bills or put your children through college though. 😏

At that point, you just have to find a new job.

Sure, you could report it, but those companies have legal teams who sole job it is to ensure the money train keeps going down the tracks. 90-95% of the time, nothing happens, at least in the States.

If you succeed in this endeavor, please let us know how it went.

Good luck Fam! 💯❤️

Damn! That's some truth right there.

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