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Discussion on: Parcel and Rust: A WASM Romcom

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K • Edited

Awesome journey and congratulations to your first post :D

I started with Rust and WebAssembly too a few weeks ago.

But I went from reading the "The wasm-bindgen Guide" to reading "Programming WebAssembly with Rust" to simply using wasm_bindgen/wasm-pack to build a library.

I saw an update of Parcel on Twitter a few days ago where they mentioned static WASM imports and .rs files, so I was intrigued.

After reading your post I was happy that I didn't start with Parcel, tho' :D

What's the story behind WASM library creation with Parcel? Or should I simply stick to wasm-pack, which seems okay-ish right now.

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Alex Eales Author

Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed the article and have been having some fun with WASM and Rust too!

The import .rs feature on Parcel is really amazing and works well for small programs where you might want to move some performant functions to Rust but I've found doesn't scale too well!

As for the Parcel vs wasm-pack I would definitely agree wasm-pack is more established and has the official backing from Rust. The reason I've been a fan of Parcel for a while now has been the 0 configuration nature which has let me get projects up and running super quickly (simple as importing a .ts file in the HTML and then TypeScript is setup for you)! This definitely has it's drawbacks and I wouldn't use Parcel on a large project yet but for little things like this and getting something off the ground I'm hardpressed to find something that beats it :)