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Functional programming is a mixed bag.

If I look at systems like Processing I think it would probably be wiser to go more in a functional direction than throwing a bunch of side-effect heavy "procedures" at people who barely get programming at all. I mean most people understand the Excel way of programming and it is very functional.

On the other hand, I see stuff like Haskell and PureScript and think this is too mathematic, too much "not" like other programming languages and people should refrain from using it.

But people build amazing things with Processing and with Haskell, so I'm probably wrong with my assumptions, haha.


Here is what you need to understand with Functional truly means, it's the idea of immutablility enforced over data where the transformations itself are transformable so functions themselves are similar to data and thus everything you create is a composition of those functions itself.

Division of concern to multiple functions with controlled mutability is not what functional describes TBH.

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