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Discussion on: What are you "old enough to remember" in software development?

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I used Basic on the C64. 😂

I remember my fellow students hyping the OpenMoko smartphones as THE place to be in terms of mobile development... Then Android and iOS came along.

I never made a Java applet, they were already hated quite much when I got onto the web, but I did some Flash cartoons. Saw many good people fall when Apple killed it, because they never learned code-based programming 😢

I learned C and Assembler on 8085 at school (went to an IT high-school) and Java on non-mobile devices 😂 at university, with enterprise beans, skelletons, stubs and what not 🤢

I remember Ruby on Rails being the hyped savior, like Elm a few years ago, and like Elm the well-know languages copied Rails' concepts and it simply became the new way of doing things.

I used components with ExtJS4 (called xtypes there) and VDOM like rendering with plain JS in 2011, so it felt totally naturally for me to switch to React later.

I didn't want to go into mobile development when I finished my degree in 2011, because I thought the hype was over, haha, started with it in 2017 and it's still a hot topic.

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Phil Ashby

Yay! OpenMoko definitely was the bleeding edge of open source mobile tech. I purchased a Neo1973 and spent hours keeping it alive (hardware fault caused the battery to drain in ~4 hours!)..