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The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer. - Cunningham's Law

My try on this:

let secure = true;

try {
  secure = !window.location.hostname.match(/localhost|127\.0\.0\.1/);
} catch (e) {}

export default new Cookie({ secure });

I have seen this and used it in the past. I am less likely to use this but it still gets the job done! And much smaller. Thanks for your feedback.


Sure! First I'd like to say that I find nothing wrong with your solution. I just prefer to avoid using try/catch as a way to soak up possible errors unless I plan on dealing with those errors.

I use try/catch when intentionally handling errors that would be thrown. Example borrowed from Mozilla for lack of valid example off top of head.

try {
  myroutine(); // may throw three types of exceptions
} catch (e) {
  if (e instanceof TypeError) {
    // statements to handle TypeError exceptions
  } else if (e instanceof RangeError) {
    // statements to handle RangeError exceptions
  } else if (e instanceof EvalError) {
    // statements to handle EvalError exceptions
  } else {
    // statements to handle any unspecified exceptions
    logMyErrors(e); // pass exception object to error handler


I am curious, with the "cunningham's law" post, are you stating that you think I'm wrong on my post? If so I'd be happy to hear why you think so.


No, I didn't think you were wrong. I had the impression you were searching for a more concise solution 🤣

It was to show others how they can clean up their code to make it smaller and easier to read. You're definitely does that. lol. Thanks for providing feedback.


Added this to the tips! Gave you credit.

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