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re: I miss MiniDisc! 💽 Talk about technologically superior formats getting left in the dust. Man, what a wasted opportunity.

At least you could fill them with your own music.

My brother had an portable MD player and a portable Zip drive.

While they didn't much spread, at least they were flexible enough to use them in their own for a few years.


I still use my MiniDisc for field recordings sometimes. If I put it in mono, I can get a much longer recording time than the standard 80 minute disc.

It's really a shame that the fundamental concept of putting a magneto-optical disc in a plastic case that is only opened inside of the player/recorder didn't catch on. Imagine if we had blu-ray discs like this; Fully rewritable and virtually indestructible... I mean, I guess USB flash drives are getting there these days, but it would have been really cool to have that kind of reliability for the past 10 years or so.

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