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Discussion on: How to be a Follower

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Kim Arnett 

Someone came to me with some wisdom that was passed down from them from a previous manager (<- talk about he said she said, lol)

"Don't come to me with a problem, come to me with a solution."

Good read, not everyone is cut out for leadership & it's great to embrace that.

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Dave Cridland Author

I am such a grump, sorry.

  • Management and leadership are two entirely different things. There's another post waiting to be written just in that, but to summarise: Management is a set of skills related to organising people, whereas leadership is a set of skills relating to causing people to want to be organised. Really excellent managers are often terrible leaders.
  • "Not everyone is cut out for leadership" - that sounds worrying like if I'm not "cut out" for leadership I should just embrace my failure... No, really, we should value good teamwork skills as much as, if not more than, good leadership skills. We really over-value leadership at the expense of teamwork, and since teamwork skills (like crew resource management) are a prerequisite for good leadership skills, that's a real fault in our culture.