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Discussion on: What are some ideas for tags on

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Kim Arnett 

help or #advice - for those who seek mentorship.

Might be a stretch but #showcase for people to brag about stuff they've done?

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Ben Halpern

Yeah these are great thoughts. I like #showcase. Someone made a post with #showdev as a tag and we have a few posts under that. What are folks' thoughts on the naming of that? Either could work for me. Early on it's easy for us to change tag names and port the posts over.

Technically, it wouldn't ever be a problem, but once a tag sticks, it would be harder to change the name for the community, so we try to get the name just right.

I like #advice, again, I would love folks thoughts about the naming of that. Is #advice the ideal, or maybe #seekingadvice for example?

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I like this idea a lot too but do think #advice-needed or #freeAdvice (not so good i know) or some namespacing for need/give on a lot of tags could help? i think this confusion seems to plague a lot of forums i'm in as lots of people need help and lots of people love to share their work/advice/tips/opinions/etc...