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Discussion on: Resume tips

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Kim Arnett 

Less is more! Your resume should be a talking point, not a explain-it-all document.

Focus on the job you want not the job you have - target your skill set and relevant information towards that.
.. I might have to come back and add more after I think about it a bit :)

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Ryan Norton Author

Thanks so much!

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Ben Halpern

Definitely +1 on these thoughts. Looks like @yaphi1 agrees in their comment. A resumé should be skimmable, and extra details about yourself like Microsoft Office Proficiency can actually make you seem like a more generic candidate.

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I agree 100%.

If you can keep it one page long is better (which does not mean use font size 4 and write everything you can come up with :D).

My last CV (which hasn't been updated since 2013 I just noticed :D) is a two column document.

First column (1 third of the page size) is more or less a list of paragraphs: how to contact me, my strengths, technologies i know well (I'm bad at most things "Microsoft Office" so I don't even mention that :D), goals (i like to tell the interviewer what i aim for), spoken languages.

The other column (2 thirds of the page size) is the list of most recent positions and what i've done in each job broadly speaking.

Also very important: re-check your CV and personalize cover letters for each position you apply to.