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Discussion on: There Be Monsters in Working Remotely

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Kim Arnett 

Do you ever miss having co-workers around? I've heard people complaining that it's too lonely WFH 100% of the time.

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Charles D. Villard Author • Edited

There are definitely times when you wish you were closer to co-workers. Lunch with other people is nice. That's the part of the trade-off though. Flexibility lets me be around family, but there's a distinct lack of that physical team awareness that comes from an office.

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Ben Halpern

This will be a hurdle for me as I look to do a bit more remote work. As much as I really like remote work, I've always been parts of teams I see almost every day, dating back to clubs etc. in school.

At the moment I have no plans on doing the fully remote thing, but if I add one more day, I'll see if I go stir crazy.

I'm currently working from home and damn this is nice.