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Discussion on: From Storyboards to Code in iOS

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Kim Arnett 

I encourage everyone to use storyboards first. It's not a fit-all solution, and sometimes you'll need to use a .xib or code, but storyboard should come first.

There's a bit of a learning curve - but heres the thing. If you build ALL your views & layouts in .xib or code... you're creating a maintainability disaster. First off, creating navigation in code is the biggest source of crashes in iOS. Secondly, (for example) when going through a branding change - I can change an entire app in an hour with a storyboard. Where, it could take a whole day to do it in code. And you're bound to miss something.

Good article Jordan - It's great to see young programmers in the community :) It's also great for people to know how these things work in code. Keep it up!

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Jordan Osterberg Author

I definitely agree with this, trying storyboards before code is a good idea because then you have an opportunity to learn the ropes of the auto-layout system in an easier environment. Once you go from storyboards to code, it’s much easier than just going into code because then you generally understand how it all works.