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Discussion on: How best to go about finding a new job?

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Kim Arnett 

I second blogging.

Clean up your Linked In

Clean up your resume --> Make sure it aims for the job you want, not just the job you have. IE: Remove languages you're not interested in programming in ever again

Ask friends to review your resume

If you don't have a portfolio - I would recommend cleaning up your GitHub. I think companies look at open source too much - but I know many do. Makes me mad because some of us don't have time to contribute to OS every waking minute. lol. Anyway, another time.

Brush up on programming questions, things you learned in school that you're rusty on. I once talked to a recruiter at FB and she said most people fail at the OO questions.

Check your social media presence - Google your name. Make sure your spring break trip from 10 years ago isn't the only thing that comes up. lol.

Good luck on your search!

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RevanProdigalKnight Author

I think I've done most of the things you mentioned. I've been brushing up on programming over the last few months by means of the excellent posts by @vaidehijoshi (her explanations make way more sense than my classes in college did), but I wouldn't have thought of checking my social media presense.