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Discussion on: Let's Do Lunch (Instead of Meetups)

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Kim Arnett 

I organize a Meetup and completely agree on the cheap beer and pizza - it's repulsive to me, but unfortunately budgets have to be realistic and it's incredibly difficult to have a company sponsor you while asking for 100 dollars and up for food expenses. It's just not realistic. We tried it a few times, splitting subs from Jersey Mikes or sandwiches from Panera, but everyone was still hungry (or took more than their fare share and others went without) and the expense was easily double/triple that of pizza. It really sucks.

I love the idea of lunch meetups, unfortunately in my area, it would be very difficult for people to make it to the location and back, especially people just starting out or those that don't have the flexibility you would need to do so.

I'm interested in solutions to these problems because the struggle is real!